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Steel or other non precious metals
While technology plays an important role in evaluation and refining proficiency, fair and rapid scrap reclamation is critical to every customer's bottom line. At Gold Stock, we understand and respect this reality, and are committed to providing the necessary manpower, technology and expertise to ensure you receive timely settlements and maximum recovery.

With Gold Stock refining services, you are assured of the utmost security, accurate results and the most critical element personal care and attention.
Gold Stock has the ability to treat all types of bullion, sweep and by-products of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In addition to our bullion and sweeps services, we offer other special services to the dental and industrial sectors.

In addition to our refining services, we offer assay services for all precious metal elements. We can provide assays for gold & silver metallic within minutes, to help you maintain the quality assurance and inventory control programs that are essential for your business.
Gold Stock Refining Service and Payout
For your Gold Refining
we offer highest return from your
Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

An innovative method to give you the best Value for your Gold scraps and Precious Metals.
The Fire Assay Method is centuries old, but it is still one of the most reliable methods for performing assays (to determine the metal content of a ore) of ores that contain precious (noble) metals - Gold, Silver and Platinum. Ore from the mine, or exploration sampling program is scientifically sampled using a statistically accurate method fitting the desired accuracy, it is then prepared by crushing, splitting and pulverizing. This is a process referred to as sample preparation.

Take advantage of our Latest Technology and modern machinery in assaying & refining. We will provide the most accurate assaying results. We have the latest and advanced Gold XRF analyzer system in the market. At Gold stock you can get an accurate assay for any of your precious metals within 90 seconds. Gold Stock ensures excellent customer service.
We have highly liquid pool accounts. Our trading partners include Canadian and global bullion banks, major bullion traders, mutual and hedge funds and other investment houses. We receive deposits from various sources in North and South America including mines, jewellery manufacturers, scrap dealers and pawn shops, and high-grade industrial scrap dealers.

Over our next 100 years of history-making, we will continue to build on our achievements and entrench our position as a truly global industry leader. Going forward, we will strive harder and further – expanding our expertise exponentially, adding value beyond measure, exploring new and untapped markets and establishing key global partnerships and alliances.

We refine all Precious Metals and offer you the highest returns for your Gold

Silver, Platinum and Palladium
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